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Our Passion

They say to follow your passion..... So that's what we did!

We are passionate about massage, healing and bringing more love into our community to create peace, not only with each other but as individuals. The journey to self-love, self-care and self healing is where we want to take you.... How?

By offering a safe space to open your heart, release your fears and be uplifted we can bring more awareness of your physical being with massage and other salt spa experiences. We can help you hone in the emotional ailments through energy work and meditation. Most of all we lend a non-judgmental ear to listen and uplift.

We offer so much more and will continue to add services like yoga, life coach speakers, creative educational classes, Reiki circles, things that bring our community together.

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Our Spa Experiences achieve more than glowing skin and soothed achy muscles.....

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Couples Massage


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We offer unique products you won't find anywhere else, from our CBD lines to our Sage and crystal kits, we are sure to have something magical for everyone.

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Oh my goodness! Tis place is so peaceful.... and the massage with CBD oil was so relaxing. Absolutely amazing. I feel so much better!


McCall, Idaho

Love the atmosphere and had an amazing massage, I didn't want it to end!


Boise, Idaho

Alpenglow's treatments are some of the best I have ever received. The Himalayan salt stone massage is amazing! Their space is beautiful and the ladies are professional, compassionate and WONDERFUL massage therapists!


McCall, Idaho

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