CBD Experiences

CBD Infused Massage

60 min $125 - 90 min $170

*Couples option available

This full body massage utilizes the benefits of CBD. Pain relief cream is applied on targeted areas followed by a firm full body massage with a CBD infused oil. This unique service may help with pain relief, calming inflammation, and an overall sense of deep peace and a restful nights sleep.

* see our full line of CBD products in house

* our CBD products do not contain any THC and follow all Idaho laws

*These products have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

Warm CBD Envelopment

60 Min $145

This signature treatment starts with a dry brushing and warm CBD infused balm application. Enveloped in a warm cocoon while your therapist tantalizes your senses with a scalp and foot massage, your pain is alleviated and your mind calms. Once the product has soaked in, you'll end your experience with a massage using infused oils that promise a blissful end to your tired aching muscles.

Black Lava CBD Scrub

60 min $145

This unique experience starts off with warm towels to heat the skin and open pores, a CBD infused Black Lava sea salt polish is applied and once thoroughly exfoliated you're whisked away for a warm rinse. Once back on the cozy table our signature scented massage butter will soften your skin and offer even  deeper CBD benefits.