Massages Experiences

Alpenglow Massage

 30 min $75 - 60 min $105 

90 min $155

     *Couples option available 

The Alpenglow is our most popular massage, a full body service that combines warm Himalayan Salt Stones and our Signature Essential Oils to the back, neck and feet.

Mindful Massage

30 min $65 - 60 min $95 

 90 min $140

This massage is the integration of massage techniques and healing Reiki Energy. Together this will work on the physical and emotional body creating a balanced state of mind and total relaxation in the body. Perfect for those who needs a full body massage and are intrigued by the calming effects of Reiki

Mountain Massage​

    30 min $65 - 60 min $95 

 90 min $140

*Couples option available

This Massage is your classic Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, you and your therapist can choose what’s best for you!

Raindrop Massage

30 min $75 -  60 min $105 

90 min $155

  *Couples option available

A Combination of essential oils are applied to the neck, back, spine and feet. Then warm compresses are applied to the back to allow the oils to deeply penetrate into muscles. This brings electrical alignment which helps to relieve a variety of discomforts caused by imbalances in the body, especially those found in the spine. This energizing technique balances and rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit. 

Thai Massage

   90 min $165 

This unique fully clothed treatment is a full body experience on a Thai yoga mat, using rhythmic pressure point stimulation along with herbal packs and targeted stretching. This process invigorates the nervous system, increases flexibility, strengthens and rejuvenates the body in a passive way.

Key Points for Thai Massage

* Yoga

* Exercise

* Meditation

* Reflexology

* Acupressure

* Healing Art

Prenatal Massage

 30 min $65 -  60 min $95 

90 min $140 

Let us help relieve some of the aches and pains you're carrying around. Your therapist will help relax both you and your baby. 

(Recommended for women past their first trimester). Light to medium pressure is applied.

Massage Enhancers

Salty Back Scrub 


This treatment is like a facial for your back! Himalayan Salt will detoxify the skin, and sluff off any dead skin cells. Warm towels infused with our Alpenglow Signature Essential Oil blend are used to remove excess salt. 

CBD cream Targeted areas


CBD cream is specially formulated and may calm inflammation and provide pain relief to sore muscles, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

**See our full body option under CBD Massage if needed for more than 3 small areas.  

Full Body Salt Stones


Warm Himalayan Stones are used throughout your massage to loosen tight muscles and provide that melt into the table vibe. 

Essential Oils


Your therapist and you will decide what essential oils to choose for your massage.


Warm Infused Towels


Warm towels are infused with Alpenglow Signature essential oil blend then applied to back, feet, and face. Just a little extra relaxation!

Mini Facial


A quick cleansing of the face,  and placement of hydrogel moisture boost eye patches followed by a moisture application

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