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Massage Experiences

CBD Massage

   60 min $115 - 90 min $165

*Couples option available

This full body massage utilizes the benefits of CBD. Pain relief cream is applied on targeted areas followed by a firm to deep full body massage with a CBD infused oil. This unique service may help with pain relief, calming inflammation, and an overall sense of deep peace and a restful nights sleep.

* see our full line of CBD products in house

* our CBD products do not contain any THC and follow all Idaho laws

*These products have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

Raindrop M​assage

 60 min $115 - 90 min $165

*Couples option available

A Combination of essential oils are applied to the neck, back, spine and feet. Then warm compresses are applied to the back to allow the oils to deeply penetrate into muscles. This brings electrical alignment which helps to relieve a variety of discomforts caused by imbalances in the body, especially those found in the spine. This energizing technique balances and rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit. 

Alpenglo​w Massage

60 min $115 - 90 min $165

*Couples option available

The Alpenglow is our signature massage a full body service that combines warm Himalayan Salt Stones, Essential Oils and a fabulous foot massage.

Bourbon Glaze ​Massage

60 min $115 - 90 min $165

*Couples option available

Relaxation at last! A vanilla Bourbon body oil, chock-full of omega fatty acids, gives respite to tired muscles and joints. Then an Aloe Vera & wildflower honey glaze caps off your massage with long lasting nourishment.

Prenatal Massage

  60 min $115 - 90 min $165

*Couples option available

Let us help relieve some of the aches and pains you're carrying around. Your therapist will help relax both you and your baby.

(Recommended for women past their first trimester). Light to medium pressure is applied.

Mindfu​l Massage

60 min $115 - 90 min $165

This massage is the integration of massage techniques and healing Reiki Energy. Together this will work on the physical and emotional body creating a balanced state of mind and total relaxation in the body. Perfect for those who needs a full body massage and are intrigued by the calming effects of Reiki

Mounta​in Massage

30 min $75 - 60 min $115

90 min $165

*Couples option available

This is a classic massage. You and your therapist can choose what's best for you!

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

60 min $115 90 min $165

*Couples option available

This massage will be sure to melt away all the stress you may be under! The Himalayan stones will provide a mild exfoliation while soothing achy sore muscles.

Massage Enhancements

Deepen your experience with one or more of these enhancement's, designed to flow right into your massage 

Honey Glaze Creamy ​Foot Cocoon


Warm bourbon salt scrub + Honey glaze moisture serum application capped with a steaming foot wrap

CBD Cream Targeted Areas


CBD cream is specially formulated and may calm inflammation and provide pain relief to sore muscles, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

**See our full body option under Chill AF CBD Massage if needed for more than 3 small areas. 

Back in Action


A triple shot caramel coffee back scrub treatment followed by a sweet cream body moisturizer.

Sinus Soother


Mineral soak compress with an acupressure facial massage relieves pressure and congestion.

Hairs to You


Add a warm Juniper Ale oil scalp treatment to your experience. This add-on helps relieve tension while also moisturizing and nourishing hair for  supreme replenishment.