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May Specials 

Our Tuesday/Wednesday special is back!

60 min Customized Facials are $84 (originally $115)


With Jeanette Dames

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Buy One Month of Coaching and get Once month $100 off - If you sign up in May you can continue as long as you choose.

Buy this month's Angel Reading or Energy Clearing and get next month's for $35 off.

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How I Can Help...

If you find that you...

Never have enough, have no idea where your money goes, do not have a sufficient comfort savings to buy something occasionally just for you - without using a credit card, spend money as soon as you get it or find yourself saying "I can't afford it." every time you are invited to so or purchase something then... will benefit from my Healing Your Money Story program. This program will...

Heal Your Money (love, joy, health) story coaching zeros in on habits that are not serving you replacing them with new fun ones that do. HYMS works with you conscious and subconscious awareness to allow a new perspective to govern your life and your decisions, a perspective that serves your life goals. We also work closely with your angels and guides to keep you focused and for help in co-creating that life you dream of living.

If you find that you...

are sad, worry too much, don't feel healthy, get angry often for reasons you cannot pinpoint or just feel at odds with yourself or others and things are not moving smoothly in your life your Angels may be trying to get your attention. will benefit from an Angel Reading. This program will...

help you release what is no longer serving you, discover habits and behaviors that may be subconsciously sabotaging your life and find out how these glorious beings who always surround you can help, every day in every way!

If you find that you...

are not waking up happy and excited every day and your life seems to be passing you by.

are daydreaming about how you would like your life to be.

watch others create their dreams and don't have a clue how to create yours. will benefit from Jeanette's coaching program Wake Up and Live Your Dreams. This program will...

give you permission to dream your dream - Imagine it.

show you how to invest you in your dream - Believe it.

teach you how to allow it to manifest for you - Receive it.

take the steps to make it real - Create it.

If you find that you...

are not sure exactly where to turn for help.

would like some simple prayers and meditations to stay centered.

are not sure where to begin.

are not comfortable asking for help

Jeanette's Angel Prayers pamphlet can give you simple ways to connect with your angels anywhere.

Spa Packages

are discounted

Short and Sweet for You!


30 min Customized Facial

30 min Massage

Short and Sweet for Two!


2-30 min Customized Facial

2-30 min  Massage

Time For You!


60 min Customized Facial

60 min  Massage

Time For Two!


2-60 min Customized Facial

2-60 min  Massage